Wong Shih Yaw  黃士耀

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Wong Shih Yaw | Asleep yet alert

Asleep yet alert!    2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 122 x 122cm

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I was once told by a believer, “As a Christian, we should learn to let go and trust even while we sleep, this is because anything can happen while we are sleeping. For example, the roof may fall off, a thief may break into the house, there may be earthquakes or fire breakouts, so on and so forth… So if we are in such a scenario, we will be caught unaware, we truly are entrusting ourselves entirely unto Him… We may be able to comprehend a truth from this.” This conversation from 20 years ago has now become the driving force for this new series.

During this process, I always ponder how to express a sense of watchfulness or vigilance while one is sleeping? Can these 2 coexists?

曾有一位信徒告訴我: "身為基督徒, 我們應該從睡眠中學習交托, 因為在睡覺的當兒, 任何事情都有可能會發生。諸如: 房子會塌下來, 小偷會破門而入, 地震或火災等等等等都有可能發生... 但我們都毫不知覺,在那種情況下的我們確實是將自己毫無保留的完全交托出去...。也許我們真能從中領悟出點什麼。" 這二十多年前關於睡眠的對白卻成了我開始制作這新系列的動力。

過程中, 我常想要如何表現在睡眠的同時又能保持警醒? 這兩點可以共存嗎?