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Wong Shih Yaw | Eleven Stories

Art Projects is delighted to present Singapore artist Wong Shih Yaw's first Hong Kong solo exhibition titled "Eleven Stories".

An established artist in Singapore, with an artistic career that exceeds more than twenty decades to date, Wong’s latest series works is a contemplative reflection of his philosophical and spiritual journey thus far, stories told through eleven acrylic paintings.

While each of the eleven paintings was created from the artist's personal experiences, they tell the story of human’s constant search for answers to life’s questions. In his distinct painting style featuring strong outlines and bold brush strokes, Wong’s works convey strength and a sense of vitality that is balanced by the mysterious dark undertones that he had chosen for this series of introspective works.

Imageries of surrealistic subjects, often in the hybrid forms of the lamb, machine and human, together with the cryptic texts, offer clues to the artist's inner message of his works, while allowing for personal interpretation. In their pensive expressions, each of the eleven works allows the viewer the opportunity to re-adapt the narrative to the individual’s unique storyline.

Based in Singapore, Wong Shih Yaw (b. 1967) graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting) from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. Since 1987, he has held many group and solo exhibitions. His works are collected by The Singapore Art Museum, United Overseas Bank, Art Patron Mr. Koh Seow Chuan and other private collectors in Singapore and overseas.

藝途畫廊有幸展出新加坡藝術家黃士耀於香港的首度個展——《十一個故事 》。





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