Wong Shih Yaw  黃士耀

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Wong Shih Yaw | Shallow & Deep!

Shallow & Deep!    2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 122 x 122cm

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This time, the computer-robot is placed lying on a pillow.

The screen shows faces in different states, some are sleeping, others are awake, and one is just a black blank.  

There are times I am in shallow sleep, that is when some parts of my mind seem awake,  and of course there are times when I am in deep sleep (though this is hardly ever the case). There are times in my sleep unfamiliar scenes and people in my memory bank appear… or at times I felt there are some portions of the memory that are in permanent darkness.

Very often, I will try to temporarily cut off all means of communications in exchange for a good night sleep… Yet because of my personality, I tend to pick up something to ponder on before I sleep in order not to waste time… this cutting off is so difficult to achieve!


屏幕顯示有的面像正在睡覺, 有的清醒著, 也有一個呈黑色沒有映像。

當睡眠時有時候會感覺睡得不沉 - 似乎有些地方(思緒)還清醒著, 當然也有睡得沉的時候(但這種情況很少)。 又或許會出現一些完全沒有存在記憶庫裡的場景和人物... 也有些時候會感到本體有些部份似乎是處於永久性的漆黑...。

很多時候會設法在睡覺前將一切與本體的連結通訊給暫時切斷以換取一夜的沉眠... 無奈自己的性格又害慘自己, 總覺得睡覺前,時或后若沒拿點什麼來想就會浪費時間... 很難辦到!