Wong Shih Yaw  黃士耀

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Wong Shih Yaw | Still Small Voice

Still Small Voice    2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 122 x 91cm

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The theme for this painting is about restlessness and fear.

In recent times, uncommon happenings that endanger human lives are occurring more frequently. For a Singaporean like myself, such happenings are no longer events that would only occur in other countries, in fact, such occurrences can also happen in our local context.

I cannot recall since when I started to develop fear at some places, such as in the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train cabin, in cinemas or in crowded shopping malls. At times when I am in such places, I would suddenly be gripped with fear, and as a result, I am fearful of taking certain public transports, or stepping out of my own house, or being in crowded places.

As a believer in Christ, I wish above all else to live a simple, peaceful life. Without major adjustment on my part, I kept reminding myself to put my trust in the word of God, putting my faith in His protection, instead of imagining possible evils that might occur.

P.S. Our trust in God and our outlook towards our future have one thing in common, both believe that the future is either good or bad respectively. Since God has reminded us again and again in His word, “do not fear!” Let us just simply believe.


近來危害到人類切身利益和生命的一切非尋常事件頻頻發生, 對於一個新加坡人來說這已經不再是他國的事了... 或者說這些可怕的事也可能隨時會發生在我們身上。

也記不清是什麼時候開始對某些地點或場合開始心存恐懼 - 特別是當地鐵車廂或戲院又或是百貨商場人潮擁擠時, 懼怕便會由心而生... 進而導致不敢乘搭不同的交通工具, 不敢外出又或是對周圍的人常心存戒備等!

作為一名信徒, 我更願意讓自己的生活和活動如常, 不需要做出太大的更動, 並時刻得記住要將信心放在神的話語上, 相信神必會眷顧和保護, 而並非將"信心"放在"預料"壞事必會發生。

附注: 對神的信心盼望和對前景的懼怕是有共同點的, 兩者都在相信未來即將發生的好或壞事。既然神在聖經裡多次告知我們 - "不要怕!" 那我們為何不能單純的去相信呢?