Wong Shih Yaw  黃士耀

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Wong Shih Yaw | Sleep and Corruption Case!

Sleep and Corruption Case! 睡眠於敗壞的外殼!    2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 122 x 122cm

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I have insomnia since the age of twenty-five. In the beginning, it was a real struggle to try to go to sleep! The highest record I had held then was I only slept 1 hour for 3 consecutive days! I had tried taking doctor’s prescribed sleeping pills, and had also taken friends’ recommended health food products, learned and practised tai-chi, ran an hour per day, and even sprayed myself with warm water for 5 minutes with prayer! I did this year after year, and the condition improved, but the “root” cause of the condition still persists to this day.

First, I have to acknowledge this painting expresses my vague concept and understanding towards sleep and environment – the face that keeps on appearing on the screen, relates the “compulsive sleep” condition, or can it be understood as “formalised sleep” condition?  Or when sleep is no longer natural… and it has become necessary* for one to do something in order to fall asleep… The old looking computer illustrates the fact that the “current life” is heading towards decay…

* refers to acts that would help one to fall asleep, for example, no big turning of the body or keeping the body still, while trying to go to sleep.

自二十五歲那年開始我的睡眠便出現問題。在初期每一次面對睡眠都會感覺艱難! 記得那時候的高記錄是連續三天隻睡了一小時! 我曾吃過醫生配給的安眠藥, 也吃過一些朋友介紹的保健品, 打過太極拳, 每天跑步一小時, 睡前用花洒淋熱水五分鐘還配合禱告! 就這樣年復一年的, 情況有了好轉, 但那'根' 卻沒有斷直至今日。

首先必須坦誠承認的是這畫在表達一種在我思緒還未成形且僅處於模糊概念階段的對睡眠與環境的理解 - 畫面上反復出現的臉孔, 似乎在顯出一種"強迫性睡眠" 或可理解為"公式化的睡眠"? 又或者說是當睡眠已經不再是一種自然現象... 而是一種需要*做點什麼才可入眠的狀況..., 而外觀陳舊生鏽的電腦機器人也隱喻了"現世生命"逐步走向衰敗...。

*指的是幫助入眠的各種技巧如在睡覺時避免做太多大副度的翻轉, 應盡量讓身體的姿勢保持一致。