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Wong Shih Yaw | Sawdust & Plank

"Sawdust & Plank!" 刺和梁木    2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 91 x 122cm

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Scripture reference: Matthew 7:1-5

I will occasionally ponder if I can draw on themes which are less of my own life experiences. Is it possible to base my paintings on the bible scriptures? “Sawdust & Plank!” is one such painting.

The entire process of painting this was smooth, and without any struggle. Using a huge, long plank to compare with the tiny speck, and several eyes of varying sizes, finishing off with a piece of dirty rag hanging below the sheep. (This passage of scripture teaches us not to judge others. Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?)

P.S. Sharing from my own experience, I observed over these few years, when anyone judges you, or criticises that you are selfish, one is actually unconsciously revealing one’s own selfishness. Or when anyone accuses you as proud, the problem usually does not lie with you, but that person is reflecting his or her arrogance through you. This is because, we as human beings, will usually not reveal to people around us our shortcomings directly, but indirectly.

經文: 馬太福音七章一至五節

有時候我會想是否能偶爾畫一些較少帶有個人生活體驗的作品? 而更多的遵照聖經裡的內容來繪制一幅作品? 這幅題名為"刺和樑木" 的畫無疑就是其中的代表。

這畫進行得挺順利且幾乎毫無掙扎。用大而長的樑木來比對那根細小的刺, 也畫了不少大小不一的眼睛, 最后也添加了一塊骯臟的抹布懸挂在那"羊"的下方。(這經文的內容旨在教導我們不要論斷人 - 莫要看見你的弟兄的眼中有刺而卻不想自己眼中有樑木呢?)

附注: 分享一點小經驗 - 這些年來自個察覺到當某人論斷你, 批評你自私時, 其實在潛意識裡他是通過指責你來反映自己是有'自私'的性情。或又有人說你傲慢! 那其實很多時候問題並不在你, 問題在於他正通過你來顯現出自己的'傲慢'。即是說我們'人'(在一般的情況下)是不會直接告訴周圍的人自身的缺點, 乃是間接。