Wong Shih Yaw  黃士耀

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Wong Shih Yaw | "If Only..."

"If Only..." 要是。。。多好!    2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 122 x 91cm

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This painting “If Only…” came naturally after completing the painting titled “Asleep Yet Alert!” The rabbit’s ears are able to dissipate heat and discern very soft sound. There are many times I wish I can discern when any bad happenings are going to happen. Recently, I have been pondering much on how to be vigilant even during times of peace, this is built on the thinking that bad things “might happen in the future”. Therefore, we will need to be well prepared! Of course, it will be wise to be able to accomplish this, but the problem lies in the fact that I am unable to predict the future! Some people said we are better able to understand and predict the situation in the world, or the market trend by reading the news. Yet I find this to be too difficult for me, as even with watching or reading the news, I am still unable to do so! I often choose the topics I want to read, and even after reading, I would still not have a full comprehension of the topic. I often felt restless about my own living environment. I cannot tell when there may be a terrorist attack in my own country. I had even made a wrong guess for the recent US presidential election! There is no way for me to know the future! I have even entertained thoughts of migrating to a more peaceful country, but I am worried I cannot find any job and my daughter may not cope studying overseas. Finally, I realised living in the present is the best! This is in line with the teaching of Jesus, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Isn’t it so?

續 "Asleep Yet Alert!" 后, 很自然的便有了這幅 "If Only..." 。 畫中兔子的耳朵能幫助散熱, 也能聽見極微小的聲音。很多時候真期望自己能預先察覺各個大小壞事的來臨。

近來常思考何謂"居安思危"! 對於我, 這成語的重點是建立在"將來可能" 會有不好的事情發生! 因此需要有"備"無患! 當然, 能做得到是聰明也是好事, 但問題是我並不具備預知未來的能力! 有人說可以通過閱讀時事新聞, 了解世界局勢或股市動態來提升預知未來的能力! 但這對我來說是挺困難的 - 因報章或電視新聞我都讀不精也看不准! 經常隻會挑題讀和選題看而顯得似懂非懂! 經常對自身的生活環境感到不安! 也不知恐襲會否發生在自己的家園? 連美國總統選舉也猜不對! 根本無望成為先知! 也曾想過要移民到一些較簡單和寧靜的國家過著與世無爭的生活, 但又擔心找不到工作也害怕女兒的學校英文科目學不好...。

最后, 還是活在當下最好! 也最符合耶穌在新約聖經裡的教導 - "不要為明天憂慮, 因為明天自有明天的憂慮。一天的難處一天擔就夠了。" 不是嗎?