Wong Shih Yaw  黃士耀

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Wong Shih Yaw | Don't give up

"Don't give up!" 不要放棄!    2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 91 x 122cm

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Scripture: Luke 18:1-8

This is a painting that was inspired by the scripture from the Bible, the theme is to always pray to God, and do not lose heart.

I have a relative that asked me, “The subject matter in the scripture is a judge, but why did I paint it as a soldier?” I told him, “This man is clearly stated in the bible as a “judge” (NIV). Yet what attracted me to him is not his identity or position, but his temperament, he is not afraid of God and has no respect for the world!” Therefore when I was painting this, I kept thinking of how to display outwardly his inner temperament.

Symbolic images:

  • The huge hat covers his eyes.  Standing on ground level, he is unable to see the sky, it is a display of his arrogance.

  • The stout body frame symbolises the world (money and material life).

  • The crab-shaped arm band symbolises overbearing and ruthlessness.

  • The word `官’ (Judge) on his shoulder symbolises power.

  • The cloak on his back is a symbol of a king.

  • The sheep standing at the door with tears and sweat mingled together represents the praying widow.

經文: 路加福音十八章一節至八節

這是一幅靈感取自聖經的創作 - 主題是要常向神禱告, 不可灰心。

曾有親戚問我: "經文裡的人物是官, 為何我要將他畫成一副軍人的模樣?"
我告知他: "聖經裡的確記載這人是'官', 英文聖經是'Judge'(NIV)。 但吸引我的不是他的身份和職位, 而是他那 '不懼怕神, 也不尊重世人' 的性情!" 所以在繪制過程常想要如何將這等人的內在性情由外觀體現出來。

(1) 頗大的帽子將眼部遮掩。在平地看不到也看不到天! 是一種傲慢的表現。
(2) 肥胖的身段是代表屬世界(金錢, 奢華的物質生活)。
(3) 螃蟹形的臂章表示'橫行霸道!"
(4) 肩章上的'官'字代表了權柄。
(5) 垂挂在背后的披風是王者的象征。
(6) 門外那漢水與淚水交雜的綿羊則象征著那要求伸冤的寡婦。