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Wong Shih Yaw | Always

Always...    2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 122 x 100cm

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Each of the four books of the gospel in the New Testament has a symbol that represents Jesus. In the book of Matthew, Jesus is the King, portrayed as the lion. In the book of Mark, Jesus is the Servant, portrayed as the ox. In the book of Luke, Jesus is the perfect Man, portrayed by the image of a man. In the book of John, Jesus is God, portrayed as the eagle.

In Christ, as with all Christians, I have the abundant life of Christ. This life though is in me, takes a lifetime to manifest its glory and power.  In my life’s journey, especially in the midst of a challenge, the deceiver will come and deceive me with words such as this, “You are not good enough!” Or “You do not have salvation! You are not an eagle, therefore you should not be looking unto the Eagle (Jesus) for help, for you are just a frog in the well!” (Refer to painting) Or “You are imperfect, you should not place your faith upon the Perfect Man (Jesus)... Instead, you should look to the giraffe which can see further into the future.” And if I succumb to the deceiver’s suggestions, I would have felt that I have drifted far from God.

We have many decisions to make in our daily lives. Often, I have to remind myself to do the right thing and to make the correct decision. If the bible says, “Do not worry*”, then I will not worry. Similarly, if the Scripture says, “Sufficient for the day is its own trouble*”, then I will only carry the burden of that day, and that only. For if I would to worry more, I would end up being neither an eagle, a man, an ox nor a lion, but a defeated creature.

*This verse is taken from Matthew 6:34.

在新約聖經裡的四本福音書每一本都代表著耶穌的一個形象 - 馬太福音是"獅", 代表王。路加福音是"牛", 代表仆人。馬可福音是"人", 代表完全人。約翰福音是"鷹", 代表神。

在基督裡, 我(基督徒)擁有了耶穌豐盛的生命。這生命雖在我裡面, 但需要時間來將其顯出, 是一倍子的事工... 。在整個過程期間(特別是當生活中出現問題時, 那試探人的便會前來對我如是說: "你是一個差勁的人!" 或說: "你根本沒有得著救恩! 你不是鷹! 也不應該相信鷹, 你應該相信坐井觀天的青蛙(見圖)! " 又或者說: " 你不像個完全人, 也不該把信心建立在完全人身上... 而是應該相信脖子長看得遠見得著未來的長頸鹿等",... 如此, 我若信他, 仿佛神與我之間產生了距離...。

在日常生活中經常得做不少的選擇和訣擇, 很多時候我得提醒自己要做對的事和決定。即是說若聖經告知我不要憂愁*, 那我便不憂愁。或者是寫道一天的難處一天擔*, 那我就隻擔一天的難處, 僅此而已。若再多憂多想至終隻會演變成非鷹非人非牛非獅的另類動物。

*這段經文取自於馬太福音 6:34。