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Tomoya Moriizumu | Life Portraits

Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Japanese artist, Tomoya Moriizumi’s debut Hong Kong solo exhibition, titled “Life Portraits”.

Moriizumi’s works are executed using egg tempera, an old painting medium and technique that was used commonly in the European Medieval and Renaissance period from the 12th to 15th century, before the invention of oil painting. Moriizumi is intrigued and inspired by this traditional medium in terms of both its unique visual qualities as well as its historical significance, with which was used by the renaissance artists to portray people of nobility, wealth and aristocracy. As a contemporary twist to the subject matter, Moriizumi has instead chosen to paint ordinary people from everyday life, often intentionally incorporating modern day product labels and brand logos that are iconic of contemporary culture.

Moriizumi ensures that the very existence of the common people are not overlooked but represented through his portrait paintings, with their feelings, attire and features depicted succinctly in the exclusive medium of the egg tempera that was once reserved only for the higher echelons of society. The celebration of the common people evident in the bright colors and their juxtaposition of contemporary objects and icons have also been influenced by Pop Art.

Born in Nagano, Japan in 1983, Moriizumi is largely self-taught. He has held many solo exhibitions in Japan since 2002.

藝途畫廊有幸展出日本藝術家森泉智哉於香港的首度個展——《 生命的肖像 》。

森泉使用了一項古老繪畫方式——蛋彩畫來完成他的作品。蛋彩畫比油畫更早出現,盛行於十二至十五世紀——即中世紀及文藝復興時期的歐洲 。森泉對這項傳統繪畫技法具有的獨特的視覺效果及歷史意義深感興趣。文藝復興時期的畫家以蛋彩畫為貴族、富翁等上層社會人士繪畫肖像,森泉則以當代的演繹方式,以它繪畫日常可見的平民百姓。他有時候亦會故意在畫中加入一些代表當代文化的標誌,例如現代的產品標籤及品牌標誌。



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