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Tang-Wei Hsu | Observatory
Tang-Wei Hsu | Galaxy-Dynamic Sketch 03

Galaxy-Dynamic Sketch 03 星球系-淺隨墨 03     Ink and Acrylic on Water Colour Paper, 69 x 104cm, 2014


Art Projects Gallery proudly presents artist Tang-Wei Hsu’s inaugural solo exhibition in Hong Kong, titled “Observatory”.

In his “Observatory” series, Tang-Wei conceives imaginary organisms from an alternate time and dimension. He creates each organism by morphing together different shapes - some recognizable, some alien. By arranging the morphed entities into groupings that seem to abide by a certain set of rules as determined by the artist, the formations begin to resemble coded texts. To the artist, the act of creating these organisms – born purely out of his own imagination – is a way of actualizing these beings and therefore his thoughts, into the physical world. By having the organisms coexist with the audience in the same and space, they become intertwined in an altered reality that the artist has created for the audience to explore and in turn imagine their own worlds.

Tang-Wei draws his inspiration from anime and architecture and is particularly fascinated by astronomy and the Universe. Tang-Wei’s technique includes emphasizing of outlines and layering flat areas of color to compress space and to create a sense of flatness in his paintings.

Tang-Wei Hsu (born 1980, Taiwan) currently lives and works in New York and Taipei. He obtained a BA in Architecture from the Shih Chien University and completed his MFA in Visual Arts at the Tainan National University of the Arts. Other than painting, he also creates sculptures and public art installations. He was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship in year 2009.


在《登望星樓》的作品系列中,許唐瑋試圖創造一個安插於某次元時間、於某空間維度的虛幻生物圖鑒。每一個虛幻生物的產生,都是通過各種不同的形狀 ── 一些可識別的、一些外來的,結合並變形所共同打造的機體。藝術家再將這些變形生物,像是根據特定的規則組合起來,呈現類似密碼的語言。這些生物的誕生,纯粹是出於藝術家的個人想像。唐瑋藉用這些變異生物個體,衍伸至整個生物系,企圖營造一個生態現象,讓這些變異生物及其想像,在展覽的時空內,通過聯想來成為現實。



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