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Ryota Unno | Visual Diaries of the Floating World

Ryota Unno | Visual Diaries of the Floating World

Deluxe Uninhabited Island Life 高級無人島Life   Pigments, Acrylic and Gold Foil on Japanese Paper, 70 x 90cm, 2014

Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Japanese artist Ryota Unno’s inaugural solo exhibition in Hong Kong, titled “Visual Diaries of the Floating World”.

Artist Ryota Unno was trained in the “kaiga” (also known as “gado”) Japanese painting technique, one of the oldest and most highly refined of traditional Japanese visual arts. While encompassing a wide variety of genres, depictions of everyday life and narrative scenes crowded with figures and large amounts of details are widely regarded as most characteristic of Japanese painting, for which Ryota is most fascinated with.

The works in Ryota’s latest solo exhibition, “Visual Diaries of the Floating World” at Art Projects Gallery resemble traditional Japanese scroll paintings from afar, but upon closer inspection reveals the artist’s humorous depictions of contemporary society and modern life in Japan.

Painting with traditional Japanese medium such as iwaenogu (natural mineral pigments) and gold foil on Japanese paper, Ryota is influenced by genre paintings of the Edo period in Japan three centuries ago, and feature richly detailed cartoon-like people engaged in a range of activities in various scenes. The artist likes to record and capture the little things that he feels are easily forgotten in our fast-paced everyday life. Through his paintings or “visual diaries”, the artist hopes that the record and rediscovery these captured moments would encourage the audience to recall and appreciate the little pleasures in life.

For Ryota, humor is the most important theme of his works as he feels that it exists within everyone in various degrees. Laughter gives energy and it is this quality about humor that the artist would like to express in his works.

Ryota Unno was born in 1977, Shizuoka, Japan. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Japanese Painting from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in year 2004. Ryota has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Japan as well as USA, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan and Singapore.

藝途畫廊榮幸舉辦日本藝術家,海野良太,於香港的首度個展《 虛浮世界的視覺日記》。



利用日本傳統媒介如 iwaenogu “岩繪具”(天然礦物顏料)、金箔及日本紙,海野良太深受日本三個世紀以前江戶時代的風俗畫的影響,其細節豐富的卡通般的人物於各種場景從事各種活動,另海野良太更受感染。藝術家喜歡記錄和捕捉他覺得很容易在我們快節奏的日常生活中被遺忘的小東西。通過他的作品或他的“視覺日記”,藝術家希望通過這些記錄並重新發現所被捕捉的時刻,可以鼓勵觀眾回憶和欣賞生活中的小樂趣。



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