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Ryota Unno | Visual Diaries of the Floating World II

Ryota Unno | Visual Diaries of the Floating World

Tower Life   Iwa-Enogu (MineralPigments), Acrylic and Gold Leafl on Japanese Paper, 140 x 140cm, 2016

Art Projects Gallery is proud to present “Visual Diaries of the Floating World II” by Japanese artist Ryota Unno. As the name suggests, this is the artist’s second solo exhibition in Hong Kong, following his successful sold-out show, “Visual Diaries of the Floating World”, in 2014.

In “Visual Diaries of the Floating World II”, Ryota continues to use the traditional Japanese painting technique of “Kaiga” (also known as “gado”), to present comical depictions of contemporary life, each scene with highly imaginative narratives imbued with the artist’s trademark humor.

Influenced by genre paintings of the Edo period in Japan three centuries ago, Ryota engages the audience with highly intricate details and delightful visual storytelling, to explore and highlight social culture, local traditions and human behaviors from his unique and quirky point of view.  His works encourages the rediscovery of fun and an appreciation of life’s simple pleasures, which are increasingly being taken for granted or forgotten in our modern 21st century society. The light-hearted and daring renditions, revealing comical expressions and even perverse content, seemingly antithesis to the more commonly known image of Japanese people that is usually seen as serious, polite and diligent, unveil the other side of the highly complex society.

Ryota Unno was born in 1977, Shizuoka, Japan. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Japanese Painting from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in year 2004, specializing in painting with traditional Japanese medium such as iwaenogu (natural mineral pigments) and gold foil on Japanese paper. Ryota has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan and Singapore.

藝途畫廊榮幸呈現日本藝術家海野良太個展《 虛浮世界的視覺日記 II》。顧名思義,這是海野良太繼2014年的個展── 虛浮世界的視覺日記 ,取得佳績後在香港舉辦的第二次個展。

在《 虛浮世界的視覺日記 II》的展覽中,海野良太繼續採用日本的傳統繪畫藝術技巧──畫道,延續他一貫的幽默作風,以無窮的想像,滑稽的體現當代生活的每個場景。


海野良太於1977年,出生於日本静岡市。2004年畢業於東京芸術大學美術學部 日本畫科,良太利用日本傳統媒介如 iwaenogu “岩繪具”(天然礦物顏料)、金箔及日本紙為主要創作媒介。海野良太曾在香港、日本、美國、巴西、義大利、台灣和新加坡展出其作品。

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