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Lucid Dreaming by Gao Ge
The Most Distant and Closest Place by Gao Ge
The Most Distant and Closest Place     Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 200 cm, 2012

Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Chinese artist, Gao Ge's first solo show in Hong Kong, "Lucid Dreaming". Gao Ge (b.1984) is an emerging talent from China's Post-80s generation of artists who are set to redefine the future of artistic expression and development in China.

Based in the artist's village of Song Zhuang in Beijing, Gao Ge's works depict mesmerizing dreamlike imageries that on closer inspection, reveals the artist's inner psyche and personal emotions. Gao Ge's paintings often feature surrealistic settings of intricate details and soothing colors, in which she poetically places her subjects, sometimes tiny in comparison to the extent of the canvas ("Legend") and at times partially obscured ("Seeking Phoenix Tree"), or even absent ("Come and Gone"). The play of scale, juxtapositions and pictorial space are skillfully used by the artist in her works.

Gao Ge's works are inherently melancholic, introspective and sophisticated. Perhaps, in her paintings, the artist has choreographed her own fantasy worlds to replace actual events in her life; a virtual realm in which she can ease her emotions and to find her true self.

Gao Ge graduated from Tianjin Engineering Technical Institute, Department of Art in 2005. Her works have been exhibited in various shows in China, South Korea and Taipei, including solo shows in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, and Tokyo in recent years.





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