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Lee Yunhee - Sublime Journeys

Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present contemporary Korean ceramics artist, Lee Yun Hee's third solo exhibition in Hong Kong, following her previous two sell-out solo exhibitions in 2015 and 2016. Based in Seoul, Lee is known for her highly imaginative and exquisite hand-made ceramic sculptures that integrate European literature and western historical artifacts with Asian elements and sensibilities to reflect a fusion of Eastern and Western identities.

"Sublime Journeys" showcases Lee's latest collection of ceramics works inspired by the 14th century Italian Poet, Dante Aligheiri’s pre-eminent literary work, "The Divine Comedy". The collection embodies Lee's continual exploration of the theme of Dante's journey that becomes increasingly intertwined with the artist's experiences and thoughts. Intricate ceramics details, vividly glazed colors and textures that comes from the deft touches of Lee's hands and sublime mastery of the ceramics medium, all form part and parcel of the rich expression of each work, each telling a unique, extraordinary story.

Lee (b. 1986 South Korea) graduated from Hong Ik University with a Master of Fine Art (Ceramics) in 2012 and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Ceramics) in 2008. She was selected to be resident artist at the Clayarch Gimhae Museum in 2013, in its program to support innovative and experimental artists. At the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (2013), Lee was named one of the top twenty emerging artists in a selected list of international talents.


《昇華之旅》将展出李氏最新的一系列陶瓷作品,其靈感來自十四世紀的意大利詩人但丁 · 阿利吉耶里的名作——《神曲》。在李氏不停探究但丁在《神曲》中的旅程的時候,她的經歷和思想與《神曲》之間的關係變得愈來愈緊密,這結果最終體現於這一系列的作品之中。她以其細緻的筆觸和高超的陶藝,製造出繁複的細節、明亮的色彩以及質感。這些元素構成李氏作品中多采多姿的形象,訴說着一個又一個獨特而精采的故事。


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