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Lee Yun Hee | La Divina Commedia

Art Projects Gallery, in partnership with Festive Korea 2015, is delighted to present “La Divina Commedia” featuring award winning Korean ceramic artist Lee Yun Hee’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Based in Seoul, contemporary ceramic artist Lee is known for her highly imaginative and exquisite hand-made ceramic sculptures that intertwine European literature and objects with Asian sensibilities.

The inspirations for Lee’s art comes from one of the greatest works of world literature, the “Divine Comedy”, a 14th century poem by Italian Dante Aligheiri.

While the original poem describes Dante’s travels through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven, Lee casts a young girl as the main character in her works, a heroine who defies all odds to overcome the many trials and tribulations of life.

The stories of this journey of self-discovery and themes of strength and hope are portrayed in Lee’s sculptural compositions that feature a rich assemblage of European architectural forms and objects inspired by the setting of the poem’s rich cultural backdrop from 14th century Europe. Lee imbues her sculptures with her own cultural identity and contemporary re-interpretations of the literature in three-dimensional splendor embellished with highly intricate details, colors and patterns.                                                   

Lee (b. 1986 South Korea) graduated from Hong Ik University with a Master of Fine Art (Ceramics) in 2012 and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Ceramics) in 2008. She was selected to be resident artist at the Clayarch Gimhae Museum in 2013, in its program to support innovative and experimental artists. At the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (2013), Lee was named one of the top twenty emerging artists in a selected list of international talents.

藝途畫廊很榮幸與「韓國十月文化節」 聯合呈現韓國陶瓷藝術家李玧姬香港首度個展《神曲》。定居南韓首爾,玧姬以她极富有想象力和精緻的手製陶瓷雕塑,作品交織著歐洲的文學和對象與亞洲的情感為名,是當代最具潛力的新銳陶瓷藝術家。


但丁的原作詩詞以他自身為第一人稱,描述了三個境界──地狱、炼狱和天堂的經歷; 在玧姬的作品中, 她以一位年輕少女為主角,試圖征服生活中的種種人生的考驗和生活的磨難。


1986年於南韓首爾出生,李玧姬分別於2012年和2008年取得弘益大學藝術碩士(主修陶瓷)和藝術學士(主修陶瓷)。她曾於2013年,入選Clayarch Gimhae博物館的駐場藝術家,是博物館致力支持富有創新和實驗性的藝術家之一。 於2013年度的韓國京畿道國際陶瓷雙年展,玧姬是眾多國際人才中,被列為前二十名的新興藝術家之一。

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