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Fung Wing Yan | Spatial Practice

Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present “Spatial Practice”, inaugural solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist Fung Wing Yan, featuring her latest contemporary ink paintings and ceramics works.

Fung’s “Spatial Practice” series is a poetic exploration of life, love and loss. Imagining the immensity of the universe and nature within the metaphorical space of a bowl, and other objects from daily life, she expresses her philosophy about existence and inner emotions.

Born in 1988 in Hong Kong, Fung Wing Yan graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts in 2011, specializing in contemporary Chinese ink painting and ceramics. She won the Louis Mak Chinese Visual Arts Award in 2011.

Spatial Practice
One bowl, one cup,
Just enough, not overflowing.
One bowl, one cup,
Abundant, as the universe.
Inside and outside, like day and night.
Sunlight, moonlight.
Alone in the light, between heaven and Earth,
Safe within the bowl, quiet as static.
Independently, self-indulgently,
Serenity, peace of mind.
No confrontation, no right or wrong,
Only us, only nature.
Like the Earth, upright and unmoving,
Like the stars, rotating around each other.
Being one and only,
Being two in one.
Whales are soundless,
Mountains are formless.
Appearing not by chance,
Disappearing not by coincidence.
Present within the bowl,
Vanishing within the bowl.
Unshackle the chains,
A table of landscape reveals.

~~ Fung Wing Yan, 2016 ~~






就剛好 別繼續
盛滿的 是宇宙
裡外中 像晝夜
是日光 是月光
獨在光中 立於天地
安於碗內 靜如弦止
獨立的 自我的
寧靜的 安心的
没有對立 沒有正反
只有我們 只有自然
如大地 矗立不動
如星體 互相繞轉
出現並 非巧合
缺角並 非意外

~~ 馮穎恩, 2016 ~~

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