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Dodit Artawan | Larger than Life

Dodit Artawan | Let's Start the Party

Let's Start the Party   Oil on Canvas, 150 x 280cm, 2013

“Larger than Life” is a solo exhibition by contemporary Indonesian artist, Dodit Artawan presented by Art Projects Gallery for the first time in Hong Kong. Based in Bali, Dodit is known for his hyperrealism oil paintings that give the illusion of reality.

The “Larger than Life” solo exhibition showcases Dodit Artawan’s latest works featuring the artist’s favorite muses – icons of western consumerism culture – in particular, Barbie dolls and western branded alcohol, a strong visual and thematically complementary combination that the artist feels is able to project the intended representational imageries for the messages that he wants to convey. Dodit Artawan portrays Barbie and her friends in their impossibly perfect figures with flawless plastic complexions set against the glistening, reflective glass towers of gin, vodkas and whiskeys to convey a seductive image of glamour, consumerism and hedonism that is so intoxicating, addictive and difficult to resist, as a commentary on the social effects of globalization and invasion of a foreign culture that has been so readily embraced by society and thereby displacing local culture.

Beyond Dodit Artawan’s impressive hyper-realistic compositions, the works’ high-definition details, vivid colors and rich textures further echoes the constant visual stimulations and sales pitch for consumer products and lifestyle that is being bombarded onto society today through printed media, television, advertisements and the internet. As a result, the visually dynamic qualities of Dodit Artawan’s works and the artist’s painting hyper-realistic technique become integral to the underlying meanings that they are meant to convey.

Born and based in Bali, contemporary Indonesian artist Dodit Artawan (b.1978) studied fine art at the Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar Bali and in 2011 left the college to start his art career as part of the TAXU Art Clinic group, an artist collective focused on the breakaway from the hegemony of traditional Balinese art on the contemporary art scene in order to seek new expressions for contemporary art in Bali. Prior to the current solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Dodit Artawan has been widely exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Italy and USA.

藝途畫廊榮幸呈現當代印尼藝術家,Dodit Artawan,於香港的首度個展《 非一般的尺度》。定居於印尼巴厘島,Dodit Artawan 以其超寫實油畫作品為名,常給人一種由幻想進入現實的錯覺。

《 非一般的尺度》展示藝術家Dodit Artawan 的近期作品。藝術家利用他一貫採用的題材——西方消費文化——特别是芭比娃娃和西方名酒,藝術家認為其強烈的視覺效果和两者相輔相成的組合,足以投影藝術家所預期代表性的意像,來傳達他相表達的訊息。

Dodit Artawan的作品描繪芭比娃娃和她的朋友們,完美的身材與無瑕不真實的膚色,配合由杜松子酒、伏特加和威士忌等所组合成的闪闪发光的反光玻璃塔,充分显示出魅力、消費主義和享樂主義的誘人形象是如此的令人陶醉、上癮和難以抵制;反映了現代全球化和國外文化的入侵,輕易的被社會所接受,繼而取代本土文化所帶來的社會影響。

藝術家Dodit Artawan的作品,除了令人印象深刻的超寫實描繪,作品的高清細節、逼真的色彩和豐富的紋理更進一步的呼應通過印刷媒體、電視、廣告和互聯網,其不間斷的視覺刺激和推銷消費商品和生活方式對現代生活的轟擊。

當代印尼藝術家Dodit Artawan(1978年生)於印尼巴厘島出生並定居。Dodit Artawan曾就讀於印尼巴里島丹帕沙的藝術學院。2011年離開學院後,加入了TAXU Art Clinic團體,一個專注於擺脫巴厘島傳統藝術的霸權、為建立巴厘島的當代藝術,尋求新的表現形式的藝術團體,從而開始了他的藝術事業生涯。在此次的香港個展之前,Dodit Artawan曾於多個國家,包括印尼、新加坡、馬來西亞、日本、義大利和美國,舉辦並參與過多次個展和聯展。

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