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Group show celebrating works by renowned contemporary Asian artists April Ng Kiow Ngor, Damon Tong Wai-Kit, Dodit Artawan, Lee Rui Xiang, Lee Yun Hee, Lim Soo Ngee, Madoka Takagi, Tomoya Moriizumi and Wong Shih Yaw. With their innovative exploration of content, technique and medium, the artists offer highly individualistic interpretations and unique expressions that are reflections of their Asian influences and contexts.

群展展示9位知名當代亞洲藝術家黄嬌娥、唐偉傑、Dodit Artawan、李瑞祥、李玧姬、林序毅、高木まどか、森泉智哉和黃士耀。無論是對作品的內容、對媒介的運用和技巧,都別具一格。展示作品體現了藝術家高度個性化的詮釋和獨特的表達方式,反應了藝術家背景對他們作品的影響