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Cai Jinwei | Flora Universe
Cai Jinwei | Indigo
Indigo 靛     Chinese Ink and Colours on Rice Paper, 34 x 34 cm, 2014

Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present China contemporary ink artist, Cai Jinwei’s inaugural Hong Kong solo exhibition, titled “Flora Universe”.

“Flora Universe” is a collection of Jinwei’s latest works. With her superb mastery of the “gongbi” painting technique, Jinwei challenges the traditional medium and genre with her refreshing compositions of flowers and butterflies, all exquisitely executed in the “ink, color, water and pigment boneless painting method”. Weaving poetry and elegance into her paintings, she portrays surreal microcosms of flowers and butterflies, some in surreal settings bathed in intense washes of saturated hues and mysterious light; while in others, in calm, lightly rendered settings featuring highly refined brushworks.

The integration of the meticulous intricate brushstrokes with layers of ink washes; the interplay between the opaque and the translucent; the combination of both the dry and the wet ink methods; are all part of Jinwei’s constant innovation of the “gongbi” ink painting technique developed over the years.

Born in 1980 in Guangzhou, Jinwei holds a Doctorate in Fine Art from the Chinese National Academy of Arts in Beijing. She is recognized as one of the leading contemporary ink artists in China and has won many awards including the Lin Ruoxi Foundation Emerging Artists Award in 2012. Jinwei’s works was selected to be part of Sotheby’s exhibition of contemporary ink art in 2013, titled “New Ink – An Exhibition of Ink Art by Post 1970 Artists from The Yiqingzhai Collection”.


謹蔚運用她傑出的“沒骨”工筆繪畫技巧,以“墨、色、水和色粉”的細膩掌握,試圖以她獨特的花卉與蝴蝶的構圖呈現手法,挑戰傳統水墨媒介一貫的結構表達。花朵和蝴蝶感性縮影的描繪, 時而沐浴在其飽和的色調和神秘的光線;時而沉浸在平靜、淡雅的精巧筆觸之中,使謹蔚的作品格外的詩情畫意。


1980年出生與廣州, 謹蔚畢業於中國藝術研究院,獲美術學博士學位。曾獲多個獎項包括林若熹藝術基金會的藝術新星2012年度獎,在中國當代藝術的領域備受肯定與注目。2013年,作品《蔚然靜雅》系列參加“七十後:新水墨──怡情齋收藏展”於香港蘇富比藝術空間展出。

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