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Ariane Monod | Sublime Landscapes

Untitled #1

Untitled #1, Oil on Aluminum, 40 x 100cm, 2015

Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present “Sublime Landscapes” by Ariane Monod. The solo exhibition, which is the Swiss artist’s first in Hong Kong, features her latest series of abstract landscape paintings. Ariane will also have a live painting performance on-site at Art Projects Gallery on the 2nd and 3rd April prior to the opening reception of her solo exhibition on 4th April.

Ariane’s visually stunning landscapes convey an ephemeral quality that slowly unfolds and evolves as the viewer traverses along the paintings’ scroll-like panoramic format. They are abstracted visual assemblages of the artist’s dreams and memories, portraying an inner landscape in which the viewers can enter to form new interpretations based on their personal experiences and imagination.

Ariane paints with natural color pigments with various mixed media in successive layers on aluminum plates, skillfully manipulating the material densities, textures and color saturations, to create a sense of fluidity and atmospheric subtleties that visually reveal the transformative passage of time within the evanescent landscapes.

Born in 1975, Ariane is based in Geneva, Switzerland. She has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Switzerland and Japan. Apart from her paintings, she is also well known for her on-site temporary mural painting performances that further exemplify the concept of impermanence in her work.

藝途畫廊榮幸舉辦瑞士藝術家,Ariane Monod,香港首度個展“壯麗的風景”。這次展覽,將展出Ariane 最新一系列的抽象風景作品。 Ariane 亦會在4月4日展覽開幕酒會前的4月2日至3日,於藝途畫廊現場即席創作壁畫。


Ariane 採用自然的顏料及各種混合媒介,一層又一層的在鋁板上作畫,巧妙地操縱材料的密度,質感及色彩的飽和度,創造出一系列富有流動性和感性氛圍的迷人風景、反應世事的變化無常和瞬息萬變。

出生於1975年的Ariane 現在於瑞士日內瓦工作及生活。她在瑞士和日本曾多次舉辦個展和參與聯展。除了她的繪畫作品外,她最為人所熟識的是,她在現場繪製臨時壁畫的表演藝術,進一步體現了她作品中所表達的無常的概念。

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